An iPhone 15 with USB-C might convert some Android users, survey says

    The rumored iPhone 15 with USB-C is so momentous, it might even convert Android users.

    In a survey conducted by cellphone trade-in site SellCell, almost half of Android users surveyed (44 percent) said they would switch if this year’s iPhone 15 came with a USB-C port. The survey, which comprised more than 1,000 iPhone users and more than 1,000 Android users in the U.S., also said 63 percent of iPhone users said the USB-C factor would influence their decision to upgrade to an iPhone 15, citing the ability to use one charger for all of their Apple devices, and compatibility with non-Apple devices as the top factors.


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    Thanks to a law passed by the European Union that requires all phones and tablets to be universally compatible by 2024, Apple is forced to comply by manufacturing its devices with USB-C charging instead of its proprietary Lightning port. Strong rumors suggest that Apple’s iPhone event on Sept.12 will be when it debuts USB-C charging on iPhones.

    Apple has held out on switching to USB-C charging for years, despite it being the industry standard. While Apple claims switching from Lightning to USB-C would create more e-waste, the EU isn’t buying it and says in the longterm, compatibility and interoperability will save consumers money, since they’ll only have to buy one charger for all of their devices. Based on the results of the survey, the iPhone with USB-C is a good thing for Apple and Apple customers alike, since it’s a motivating factor in upgrading to the iPhone 15. And, hey, Apple might even poach some Android customers at the same time.

    Of course, we can’t be certain until the Apple event on Sept.12, but if the rumors are true, the iPhone 15 is sure to make Apple fans (and some Android users) happy.

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