4 major Samsung products rumored for 2024

    Breaking news: Samsung will probably have a bunch of new gadgets to buy in 2024.

    Do we know exactly what they will be? Nope. But based on recent history, as well as some classic internet rumor-mongering, we can make a bunch of educated guesses. Samsung’s 2024 is likely to feature plenty of devices in every conceivable category, but as far as premium phones and earbuds are concerned, we expect these four products will get plenty of time in the spotlight.

    Here are four big devices Samsung will almost certainly launch in the coming year.


    Samsung Galaxy S24: Every single thing we know so far

    Samsung Galaxy S24

    Let’s start with the easiest call in the world to make: There will be a new Samsung Galaxy S phone in 2024. Heck, we can even reasonably assume it’ll be called the Galaxy S24.

    It’s also the device we know the most about. You can check out our full rumors hub to learn everything there is to learn about the Galaxy S24, but to summarize, expect a lot of AI features. That’s because Samsung has applied for trademarks for phrases like “AI smartphone,” whatever that means. There could be generative AI features or bells and whistles related to software photography, or maybe even both. That would certainly put it on par with the Pixel 8.

    You can also most likely expect a new Snapdragon processor, camera upgrades, and the usual array of new software features, along with some minor physical design changes. You probably won’t even have to wait long to find out all of this for sure; Samsung usually launches its Galaxy S flagship phones in January or February of every year.

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

    Unfortunately, we don’t know nearly as much about the other devices on this list as we do about the Galaxy S24. That’s more than likely because of the S24’s imminent launch, while we don’t expect to see or hear from Samsung’s next batch of foldables until late summer, as is tradition.

    Still, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 was excellent and there will definitely be a follow-up to it in 2024. It may bring a new processor and some of the same camera and software upgrades present in the S24. Interestingly, recent patent filings suggest that the Z Fold 5 could physically accommodate the S Pen stylus accessory by making it attachable in some way.

    That would certainly go a long way towards making the Z Fold 5 the true successor to the late Galaxy Note line.

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6

    Everything you just read about the Z Fold 6 will probably apply to the Z Flip 6, which we expect to launch at the same time. Well, almost everything. It probably won’t attach to the S Pen.

    The more influencer-friendly of the two foldables will surely get processor upgrades to go along with all the other fancy stuff you expect from an annual product refresh. The only real nugget we have to work with right now comes courtesy of Dutch Samsung blog GalaxyClub, which reported that the Z Flip 6 could have a 50 megapixel main camera sensor. That would be a substantial step up from the 12MP sensor found on the Z Flip 5.

    Samsung Galaxy Buds 3?

    Our last prediction is the most speculative of the bunch. Samsung may not launch a new line of Galaxy Buds in 2024, but it’s been long enough since the last batch of ‘buds that it would make a ton of sense to see new ones next year.

    Specifically, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro model launched in late 2022, with 2023 not bringing a full refresh to Samsung’s earbuds brand. There isn’t much in the way of rumor-mongering about the new earbuds, if they even exist, but it just feels like it’s about time for Samsung to bring out some new ones.

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